Battle of the Ebro

International Congress 2018

From September 28 to October 7

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Tortosa, memory and peace

  The Friends and Friends Association of the Ebro, together with Terra Enllà and the Amics dels Castells association, organized an act in Tortosa on April 15, "Tortosa, memory and peace, a tribute to the victims of the Civil War " The…

Official presentation of the Congress

  Today, December 1st, the official presentation of the International Congress of the Battle of the Ebro 1938-2018 has been made. The Department of History, History of Art and Geography of the Rovira i Virgili University (URV) and…

Poster and First Circular

We already have a poster and the first circular of the congress. The 80-year Congress of the Battle of the Ebro already begins to have material and documentation; a first informative circular has been made to present the congress and the…

Battle of the Ebro

In 2018, the 80th anniversary of the Battle of the Ebro commemorates one of the most important historical events that took place in Terres de l’Ebre during the past 20th century.

This bloody and tragic episode, together with the entire Spanish Civil War, marked a turning point in our territory.

The Battle of the Ebro is the greatest exponent of this struggle and many populations and our ancestors became witnesses of the tragedy of both sides and protagonists of a suffering that did not end with the hostilities.

Of the Battle of the Ebro much has been said, and still, there´s much to be said. With this intention, we have set up the congress “80 years of the Battle of the Ebro”.

For this reason, we want to provide a space for knowledge and debate where historical aspects that have already been explained in detail are not repeated, but rather generate a close, proven and more innovative vision when it comes to explaining the facts.

The format of the congress will combine presentations with communications. There will be also guided explanatory tours throughout the significant spaces.


The congress will have a minimum duration of 32 hours and will be held in two consecutive weekends to deal with the maximum extent of the different thematic axes and facilitate the assistance of all the people interested. The planned program is still provisional: in a second circular, the speakers and the contents of the different presentations will be confirmed.

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September 28

  • Evening
    • Accreditations and delivery of materials.
    • Solemn ceremony for the inauguration of the congress.
    • Presentation of Josep Sánchez Cervelló. (University Rovira i Virgili – Tarragona).

September 29

  • From 9’30 h
    • Presentation 1 «Defeat of Aragon and arrival of Franco’s troops in Vinaroz» by Pedro Rujula (University of Zaragoza).
    • Presentation 2 «The Offensives of the Segre» by Jaume Claret Miranda (University “Universitat Oberta de Catalunya”).
  • From 16 h
    • Presentation 3 – «XYZ Line» by Vicent Grau (University Jaume I).
    • Presentation 4 – «Military considerations of the Battle of the Ebro» by Colonel José Romero Serrano – Madrid.

September 30

  • From 9’30 h
    • Presentation 5 «The performance of intelligence services before the Battle of the Ebro» by Fernando Puell de la Villa (Presidente Càtedra General Gutierrez Mellado – UNED).
    • Communications.
  • From 16 h
    • Guided explanatory tours through the spaces of the Battle of the Ebro.

October 5

  • Evening
    • Presentation 6 «Health during the Battle of the Ebro» by Josep Munté (historian University Rovira i Virgili).
    • Communications

October 6

  • From 9’30 h
    • Presentation 7 «The fall of the republic to the downtown area» by Miquel Santacreu (University of Alicante).
    • Presentation 8 «Fall of Catalonia, refugees and exile» by Pelai Pages (University of Barcelona).
  • From 16 h
    • Presentation 9 «Local life in the war front and refugees».
    • Presentation 10 «Literature, press and filmography of the Battle of the Ebro». By Daniel Arasa (Journalist and historian).
    • Presentation 11 «Ecos do Ebro na imprensa portuguesa» By Clara Serrano (University of Coïmbra).
    • Communications.

October 7

  • From 9’30 h
    • Activity.
    • Round table «The effects of the Battle of the Ebro» by Rosa Montlleó, Agustí Colomines, Maria Manuela Tavares Ribeiro, Josep Maria Solé i Sabaté, Josep Sànchez Cervelló i Roc Salvadó.
    • Closure of the congress.


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